Egyptian Oranges

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  • Navel orange
  • Valencia orange
  • Kumquat orange
  • Kumquat orange


Egyptian oranges are considered one of the distinctive and sought-after varieties in global markets, and their specifications are distinguished by the following:

  • Large size: Egyptian oranges are usually large and full.
  • Attractive color: Egyptian oranges are characterized by an attractive and bright orange color.
  • Delicious taste: Egyptian oranges are characterized by their delicious and sweet taste.
  • Easy to remove peel: The peel of Egyptian oranges is usually easy to remove and does not contain many seeds.
  • Rich Juice: Egyptian oranges have a high amount of juice, making them ideal for use in fruit juices.
  • Seasonality: Egyptian oranges are usually available in winter and spring.

These are some common specifications for Egyptian oranges, and some characteristics may vary depending on the variety and season.

You can request the service of importing Egyptian oranges through Al-Omar Company, and you can also receive the sea shipping service, including all procedures.


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