Alfalfa Big Bales

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  • 200\ 400\ 500 Kg
  • 220x120x70;90 LWX
  •  Without Grass
  • 18:20 % Protein Ratio
  • 8:10 % Humidity
  • With garter


Alfalfa Big Bales

Alfalfa is a type of grass that is considered a natural fodder used in feeding livestock. It has many health and nutritional benefits for animals and the farm in general.

First, alfalfa is a rich source of protein and fibre, which helps promote animal growth and health. It also contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for animals, such as vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Secondly, alfalfa helps improve the quality of milk and meat produced from livestock. It enhances the flavor of meat and improves the quality of milk, which increases their commercial value.

Finally, the presence of alfalfa on the farm is necessary to provide balanced nutrition for livestock and improve their productivity. It contributes to providing the necessary energy for animals and improves their digestion process.

In short, alfalfa is one of the essential elements in livestock nutrition and contributes significantly to improving their health and productivity. Therefore, his presence on the farm must be essential to ensure obtaining high-quality and healthy products for sale.

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