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service at El-Omar Shipping Company is a service that helps complete all procedures and permits required when shipping and exporting goods, products and furniture.

This service requires knowledge of laws, regulations and government requirements of importing and exporting countries, and submission of appropriate documentation, invoices, payments, duties and taxes. It also aims to facilitate the process of international trade and shipping to the ports of the Arabian Gulf and all cities and ports of the world.

The El-Omar Shipping Customs Clearance Company team undertakes to clear the procedures upon the arrival of the goods throughout the day.

 El Omar Shipping Company offers you the best customs clearance services for exports We deal on your behalf with the authorities responsible for customs clearance of various types through sea ports.

At El-Omar Shipping Company, we work to rid you of any complications you may encounter in clearing goods.

We rely on specialists and experts in the field of customs clearance, extensive experience in the field, and guarantee the best service.

We help you understand which goods are allowed and restricted in the country of origin and destination, and appoint an experienced customs broker or freight forwarder to handle documentation, payments, duties and taxes.



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